As women grow older, they find that some of their original clothes no longer fit them. For example, like a short skirt, this single product after middle age, the body becomes fatter, and the legs appear a little thick, so wearing a short skirt is not in line with their own sense of age.

So I suggest you choose a long skirt, which is friendly to women with proud flesh in the waist and thick legs. Choose the length of the long skirt to the ankle above can also show high and thin, small people wear it easily without pressure, to share with you a good-looking dress colLOCATION.

T shirt + long skirt

T - shirt plus long skirt is the most correct way to open summer, choose T - shirt can also choose the upper body slightly loose style, have a thin effect. Solid color T shirt had better match the skirt of the lower part of the body, want to highlight the feminine taste, can choose lace fabric soft and comfortable, and have a delicate sense.

Shirt + Long Dress

The combination of blouse and long skirt is also very elegant, more suitable for women in the workplace. The design that proposal chooses shirt, still be a little more cautious, the shirt of form-fitting design and long skirt are tie-in, the miaoman that can show a figure.

A-type big put skirt skirt tie-in tight jacket, suitable for the upper body slant thin, and the lower body of the small fat body, such A collocation, can highlight the advantage of the figure.

Suit + Long Dress

There are many choices for long skirts. If you want to wear classic retro dresses, you can choose all-match polka dot patterns or small flower patterns, which are very beautiful. Mature woman is choosing when broken flower skirt, want to choose according to his body form. If it is high and large, you can choose a large area of printing. If it is small and dainty, it is recommended to choose small broken flowers, so that it is more appropriate to match.

In the early summer season, I wear a T-shirt and a long skirt. It's a little cold, especially in the morning and evening. So we can wear a small jacket with a suit, which is very formal and very elegant.

Black top with floral skirt is also a good combination, and black top is very versatile, floral skirt can also help you get rid of monotonous modelling.

Mature woman also can reflect delicate feeling in detail, make an ornament with a delicate necklace for instance. Pair it over a black T-shirt to make the necklace more elegant and create a small V-neck to draw the eye and make it taller.

Knitwear + maxi dress

A lot of women mature women are more comfortable and natural wear, cotton skirt is very literary style, wear a fresh and quietly elegant breath. The colposition of long skirt and sweater, it is quietly elegant color, look energetic and feminine flavor.

Denim jacket + maxi dress

Cotton skirts with jeans are also good, and have the effect of reducing youth. Jeans also can be worn in chunxia season comfortable good-looking, and light blue or dark blue colour is very simple to the collocation of skirt also, need not consider too much, very good collocation almost.

There are also different types of dresses. The popular pleated skirt, which is not suitable for women with a wide crotch, can be replaced with a straight skirt, slimming and slimming.

Pink is warm color department, give a person a kind of gentle feeling, pink skirt collocation slant green jacket to form a sense of contrast, only match color master can apply color to achieve perfection. For the average woman, neutral colors, black, white, and gray are all you need to get it right.


Long skirt is more elegant, while short skirt is lovely and clever, more to say these two different styles, long skirt is more in line with the characteristics of mature women, can wear a steady and generous, so it is suggested that middle-aged women wear less short skirt, wear long skirt more.Read more | formal dresses melbourne