SCOOP !! First Look !!

The unbelievable cast of the adaptation of Masterpiece videogame !
Amazing ! So Great !

Shenmue, the game from the awesome Dreamcast by Sega soon on Netflix. Here the cast announced for the movie. Release next year, december probably. So Excited !

Where is my VMU ?


Ryo Hazuki / Ryan Anderson

Justice Smith

Nozomi Harasaki / Naomi Jimenez

Christian Serratos

Lan Di / Mon Day

Steven Seagal


Iwao Hazuki / Warren Anderson

Charles Parnell


Guizhang Chen / 'Chen'

 Paul W. He

Master Yaowen Chen / 'The Old Chinese'

Chow Yun Fat

Ine Hayata 'Ine-San' / 'Aunt' Agnes

Elisha Cuthbert

Fukuhara 'Fuku' Masayuki / Kevin K. Kelly (Triple K)

Gregory Kasyan

Chai / Chai the Ugly

Cole Sprouse

Wuying Ren / Peter 'Pete' Castillo

Michael Peña

Joy / Joy

Tommy Dorfman

Xiuying Hong - Lishao Tao / Elizabeth 'Liz' Tran

Jamie Chung

Shenhua Ling / Lotus Walker

Sasha Luss



Mark Kimberly / Mike Mitchell

Kevin Corrigan

Dou Niou / 'Eight Balls'

Gégé National

Yuan / Yvan

Jai Courtney


Thanks Charlie Teague and Platon21 for your help ! :)

See you soon on Shenmue 500K everyone !

D'après une idée originale de Charlie Teague. Sincère remerciements ! ;)

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