With the polar vortex in full retreat, the USA's wildest weather shifts to the West.

The dangerous cold and heavy snow that hobbled the northern US with a great deal of dead - weather in the United States, drumming California on Saturday.

Flash flood warnings were issued in the Golden State as a result of heavy rain and mudflows.

"This is a dangerous situation," said the National Weather Service, warning that sludge is falling along with debris.  A minivan carrying a family, Los Angeles County Fire Capt.  Tony Imbrenda said. 

"This is a very unfortunate situation that could have been avoided," Imbrenda said, warning motorists to slow down in the rain.

A wind gust in Santa Barbara County topped up 80mph as the weather moved south into the air.  The event caused trees and power lines to fall across the region.

A large pine tree believed to be 100-years-old fell on a Santa Barbara home, and a fell in a two-story apartment complex in the city of Goleta Elsewhere in the county, evacuations were ordered or recommended for neighborhoods near the Thomas, Whittier and Sherpa fire scars.

The NWS said that they have high-risk flash flooding and debris flows. It has only been a little over a years ago for a huge amount of damage to a massive debris for those in Montecito's seaside community. The disaster killed 21 people, and two others have never been found.

In Malibu, where the Woolsey broke down, officials closed the Pacific Coast Highway after mud flowed into lanes.  Residents whose homes survived the flames barricaded their properties with sandbags to protect them from floodwaters.


"By Sunday, the energy impacting the West Coast will be the central plains and bring heavy snow to the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest," The National Weather Service said.