Normally found at Fullerton Arboretum due to the issues of large
events being not existent they are having it in Lake Forest on an
appointment basis for everyone's safety.

Proceeds of the plant sale go towards scholarships for students in the agricultural fields

There a over 70 type / variety's' available. at this time..

A description of some of the plants offered

'Halley's Comet' Dragon Fruit is a 'purple fleshed' hybrid variety;
the fruit is tasty and sweet. Dragon fruit/ pitahaya plants are a
sub-tropical vining cactus that does quite well in Orange County.


These are red /dark pink varieties pitaya / pitahaya ( dragon fruit plant )
Categories: Hylocereus Genus, Purple Flesh, Self-Sterile
Tags: Dragon Fruit, Halley's Comet, Hylocereus guatemalensis,Hlocereus Undatus, Pitahaya, Pitaya, Purple Dragon Fruit

Japanese raisin tree:

The fruit is inedible, but fleshy flower stems swell up and become
delicious and sweet like raisins when dry. This deciduous tree is
vigorous and hardy and has often been grown as an ornamental.

Rose Apple:

This vigorous and ornamental tree produces sweet, crisp golf-ball
size fruits that taste like what you would expect rose petals to taste
like if you were to judge from the fragrance. Easily pruned to desired
size and shape.


Large evergreen bush to small tree with silvery foliage. Drought
tolerant. Produces large clusters of small pink berries with sweet-tart
flavor like pomegranate arils. Berries very high in lycopene.


Slow-growing highly ornamental evergreen tree native to Brazil that
produces sweet, cherry-like fruits. Tree does well in partial shade and
can be kept to under 10 ft.
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Grapes - A number of Variety's from Table grapes to Wine Grapes easy to grow along a fence or over an Arbor

Surinam Cherry

Hedge plant that grows small uniquely shaped edible fruit.

Cherry of Rio Grande

Highly ornamental evergreen shrub, drought-tolerant, can be grown in
full sun or partial shade. Produces sweet, juicy, cherry-like fruit in
late spring.

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Pepper -

The 1st or 2nd spiciest pepper depending who who is rating it. ( either way -- Spicy)

Figs - Various Variety's


Wonderful Pomegranate

Wonderful Pomegranates are a particularly sweet and delicious fruit that can grow to the size of a grapefruit. ... It is quite showy with its large fruit and red, waxy flowers. At maturity, the Wonderful can reach a height of 8 ft. to 12 ft. It is hardy in Zones 8-10, requiring 150 chill hours.

Ink Pomegranate

Sweet-tart Medium to Large Dark Red

Red Silk Pomegranate.

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