Dans une interview publiée hier accordée à Total Film, Millar lâche du biscuit sur le prochain arc du comic:

I always had this planned as three volumes, and each is a sequel. It's not like a regular comic where it's issue nine,
ten and eleven. It's Kick-Ass 2, Issue 1 sort of thing. It's just starting where we left off last time.

L'histoire ne se concentrera désormais plus seulement sur Dave et son entourage:
Through success inspired other people, and what the heroes do is form gangs. It's a bunch of people in masks looking at each other's Facebooks and going out and fighting each other. Like a massive fight in Time Square with hundreds of superheroes and hundreds of supervillains, and the police trying to break it all up.

Une suite plus sombre?
I think I'm actually just trying to do the flip side of it, because the first one was all about becoming a hero. And the
second one really is about becoming a villain. It probably is darker because it's exploring the villains a little bit more like this, you've got Red Mist who's become like Alex in Clockwork Orange. So he's a bit Heath Ledger's Joker, a bit of all the bad guys I've ever loved in movies. So yeah I suppose it is darker, but I think a big part of Kick-Ass is the jokes, so it's still funny.

Quid de Hit-Girl?
Hit Girl, of course, is back. At the end of the last movie she promised her step-father she wouldn't kill people anymore, she's just a kid. So I like the idea of doing a Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, you know where the gunslinger hasn't picked up a gun in 20 years, but doing that with a 12 year old girl. She's watching Glee and all that - she'd rather be out there fighting crime.

Espérons tout de même que l'accent mis dans cette seconde partie sur la formation du vilain ne soit pas trop redondant après Nemesis. En plus de ces infos, Millar et Romita Jr. ont participé à un Q&A dans lequel ils évoquent évidemment la première partie de Kick-Ass et son adaptation ciné. Ils y parlent aussi de comics de manière plus générale, de l'impact de Kick-Ass, des adaptations ciné de comics et de celle de Kick-Ass 2, ou encore de leur premier contact avec les comics, qui fût évidemment à part pour Romita Jr.

Le Q&A de Mark Millar et John Romita Jr.