Medmed27 premier sur l'actu GT, vous le saviez n'est-ce pas?

 Et bien chers amis pilotes voilà de quoi vous réjouir puisqu'une nouvelle MàJ arrive avec un DLC dans le courant de la semaine prochaine!

Voici une traduction du descriptif:

  • Possibilité de changer les jantes des voitures Standard.
  • Une copie de la feuille de reglage peut être faite.
  • Dans GtAuto les PP avant et apres modification seront affichés (moteur, huile, aéro...)
  • Il y a aura 10 coupons gratuit pour remettre à neuf l'une des ces voitures
  • On pourra prendre toutes nos voitures d'un coup dans le camion de livraison
  • Amélioration des sons en course
  • Des ajustements ont été fait sur la direction et en particulier sur les Karts.
  • Une option dans "mon salon" a été ajouté pour definir le nombre de participants Max.
  • La Toyota 86 sera disponible à l'achat.

Passons maintenant au DLC, au prix de 4€ (3,99$), celui comprendra 4 voitures, qui sont:

  • 2011 Mini Cooper S
  • 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R
  • 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R
  • 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35. (oui 2012!)

Une MàJ gratuite sera également dispo pour ceux ayant acheter le premier DLC afin de le partager sur plusieurs comptes d'une même PS3.

Voilà vous connaissez, et on aura aussi droit à un cadeau de Noël, mais on ne sait pas ce que c'est ;).

Voilà la source pour les bilingues, bonne fin de semaine à tous!

Hey GT fans! We're excited to announce all of the new content coming to Gran Turismo 5 next week, including our second round of DLC. Next week you'll be able to download Car Pack 2 for $3.99 and add some fantastic new rides to your garage. Car Pack 2 includes the 2011 Mini Cooper S, 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R, 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R, and the new and improved 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35.

There's more good news, because as a special gift anyone who purchased anything from the first batch of DLC will get unlock the Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP and five New Car Refresh cards in the game for free. The refresh cards will take any car back to being 'as good as new' while maintaining any modifications or paint jobs you have given your motors. To take advantage of this offer, you'll need to install the new downloadable update hitting next week.

The free downloadable update coming next week will also add several new enhancements to GT5 as well as correcting some reported issues. A few examples of the benefits of update 2.02 include:
Users can now change wheels on Standard cars
The settings sheets will include a new 'copy' feature
In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application
Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update)
Pressing the Square button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once, rather than doing one at a time
In screens where the and buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the Square button will now show the , and pressing the Triangle button will bring up the drivers list
In My Lounge, the room settings will feature a new 'Max. number of participants' setting
In the event selection screen of seasonal events, there are now ☆(star) marks that show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event
Improved racing sound effects
Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been tweaked

As an additional gift to players this holiday season, everyone who downloads the 2.02 update will also receive the stunning Toyota FT-86 2012 to add to their in-game collection.

One more note: Those who purchased the course and/or vehicle DLC that was released in October will be able to download Family Upgrade unlocks for free from the store. This means that if you bought the Racing Car Pack, Course Pack, or the 'Complete Pack' that contained both of these, by downloading the free Family Upgrade items, the content will now be accessible to more than just the user account that purchased the content. Family members or friends using the same PS3 can all use the courses and cars. Note that the upgrade doesn't apply to the Racing Gear Pack or Special Paint Pack, and starting next week, new purchases will not have the restriction in place.

And don't forget, there's only one week left to compete in the special GT5 Time Trial Challenge and unlock a special edition Nissan GT-R for your garage. We hope you enjoy the free game updates, new cars and new batch of DLC. Drive safe!