Au grand Damn de beaucoup de fans, Jack Wall ne composera pas la musique de Mass Effect 3.

Bioware a en éffet placé cette grande responsabilité entre les mains de Clint Mansell, déja connu pour son

travail sur Moon, the fountain, Black Swan ou encore Requiem for a dream...

Les fans hurlent déjà au désastre.

voici les mots de Jack Wall a ce sujet :

Dear People Who Love Mass Effect - 
So...maybe it's time to actually say something?

Working on the Mass Effect series was epic. It was mind-bending, soul-coughing, astral-plane traveling delicious loveliness - all the way. The games
themselves are works of art. I wouldn't change one note of it that
myself, Sam, David, Richard or Jimmy wrote. As you may have noticed by
now, I am not returning to score the final game. The reasons are much
too complicated to explain here, but suffice to say that the people at
BioWare and I are still friends and we all really still like each other a lot. More importantly, the score for ME3 will be great and even more
important than that, the game will liikely be (being BioWare and all)
super duper fantastic. 
Clint Mansell is cool. Enjoy.
Oh and
thanks to everyone for the kind words here and over the years. For those of you who didn't say nice things, that's cool too. I'm still searching for the perfect chord. If you guys see it laying around, let me know,
See you in another game in another crazy universe!




Jack Wall a adoré travailler sur ME 1 et 2 mais pour des raisons très compliquées il ne s'occupera pas du 3e opus, mais il est toujours ami avec Bioware et nous dis que Clint Mansell est un mec sympa...


Personnellement je suis énormement déçu par cette nouvelle...j'ai peur que Mass Effect perde son identité.

En effet, pour moi, la musique des 2 Mass Effect = chef d'oeuvre!