1.Yoshu Fukushu
2. Bluetiful Intro:Tsukino Bakugeki-ki
3. Utsukushikihitobitonouta
4. Benjo Sandal Dance
5. Chu2 The Beam
6. "F"
7. Tsume Tsume Tsume
8. Rock Oreimairi~3 Chords de Omae Fullbocco~
9. Unbelievable!: Swomints Hockeleiro Mifeho
10. A-L-I-E-N
11. my girl
12. Mesubuta no Ketsu ni Binta(Kick mo)
13. Beauty Killosseum
14. maximum the hormone
15. Koino Sperm

Special edition with a book includes 5 mangas and track-by-track rundown

- A frantic 156-page book with "Our Merciless Home'war'k" descriptions
- A dialogue style track-by-track rundown for all 15 songs by Maximum The Ryo-kun
- Ryo-kun's inner world is exposed by professional manga artists

the scriptwriter: Maximum The Ryo-kun
the executive producer: Maximum The Ryo-kun

Includes 5 pieces of ultimate reading rock

*both digital distributions and rentals prohibited


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