Si on a l'habitude de voir des créations visuelles de la part des fans, les créations musicales se font elles beaucoup plus rare. C'est pourtant deux chansons qui sont apparues sur la toile starcraftienne il y a peu !

La première, "Starcraft 2 Song" est une véritable déclaration d'amour destinée ; vous l'aurez deviné ; à SC2. A prendre au second degré bien sûr :)

La seconde, "Pylo The Pylon" nous raconte la vie d'un Pylône face aux multiples dangers qu'il rencontrera...

Paroles :

Pylo The Pylon
Lyrics and Music: R. Houghton © copyright 2010 Houghtoonz Music

This is the story of a hero straight and true;
A young Protoss pylon that had not much to do.
Pylo was his name and he stood on the front lines;
Hoping to hold out - until the end of time.

A young traveler, Husky stayed by Pylo's side;
And wagered with his friends if and when they thought he'd die.
Husky was a true believer in Pylo's might;
And bet that he would last - all the way through the fight.

Until a terrible Terran force of Marauders and Marines;
Struck poor Pylo down before he could realize his dreams.
As saddened Zealots cried and Stalkers stayed up late;
They mourned that fateful time when he died: 14:08.

Pylo the Pylon;
Was Protoss through and through.
Pylo the Pylon;
Was loved by me and you.

Now if you ever think that you might be as great as him;
Think twice young lads and ladies for your chances are quite grim.
For although he lasted but five minutes on that cratered map;
Young Pylo changed the way we think of pylons -- they're not crap.

Pylo the Pylon
Was Protoss through and through
Pylo the Pylon
Was loved by me and you.
Pylo the Pylon
Was Protoss through and through
Pylo the Pylon
Was loved by Zeratul!

Le plus amusant dans tout ça est que la "qualité" n'est pas mauvaise, comme quoi SC2 est un véritable phénomène !